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Woodworking Specialists & Infinite Designs in Tucson, AZ produce custom cabinetry, furniture, and multi-purpose designer panels. Our specialties include Wainscot Panels, cabinet doors, office privacy panels, TV backdrops, kitchen bar stool kick panels and so on! Our custom Wainscot and cabinet doors are targeted more toward professional creators but individuals are welcome. We will guide you through our process.

Infinite Designs Infinite Designs is a registered brand trademark awarded to Woodworking Specialists by the USPTO. The panels and doors are manufactured in accordance with another utility patent awarded by the USPTO.

All custom door & Wainscot Panels are two & three dimensional with a wide selection of style & rail profiles and specialty moulding. Samples are available on a few simple patterns for observation purposes to prospective clients at our cost. For more complex projects, we will provide samples upon a firmed agreement.

Woodworking Specialists