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Welcome to Woodworking Specialists LLC!

Woodworking Specialists LLC and Infinite Designs in Tucson, Arizona are custom Tucson furniture & cabinet makers. We build one-of-a-kind contemporary grandfather clocks, home furnishings, millwork plus offer cabinet and furniture refinishing, refacing, and resurfacing. Our specialties include wainscot panels, Ultra CustomĀ® cabinet door panels, office privacy panels, television backdrop panels, & kitchen bar stool kick panels. We also manufacture Murphy style wall beds that look like anything but a wall bed.

Infinite Designs Infinite Designs is a registered brand trademark awarded to Woodworking Specialists LLC by the USPTO. The panels and doors are manufactured in accordance with another utility patent awarded by the USPTO.

All custom door & Wainscot Panels are two & three dimensional with a wide selection of style & rail profiles and specialty molding. Samples are available on a few simple patterns for observation purposes to prospective clients at our cost. For more complex projects, we will provide samples upon a firmed agreement.

Woodworking Specialists